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They say the most valuable tool in the world is information. “Arm yourself with knowledge,” as the saying goes. I tend to believe that. It’s like being afraid of a shadow in your closet when you’re a kid; it’s scary because you don’t know what it is. But then you go and look, and it’s just an old shirt and a baseball bat or something. Here’s some knowledge you can use.

The coronavirus outbreak has been worrying everyone all over the world, and in my experience, when people get worried, they start buying up everything in the supermarket. Supermarkets all over the world, though especially in Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom have been experiencing shortages in household products as people stock up to wait out the (supposedly) inevitable disease apocalypse.

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“We have seen an influx of people in warehouses across the country in the past week ‘stocking up,'” said Patrick Noone, managing director of Costco Australia. “Our employees and suppliers are working tirelessly to try and keep up.”

Bathroom and sanitation products in particular are flying off the shelves. Many stores can’t even keep a steady supply of things like hand sanitizer and toilet paper. Many stores have had to begin enforcing sales caps in order to prevent a few people from buying up their entire stocks.

Retailers are working as hard as they can to ensure a stable supply chain, but are concerned that if anything should disrupt that chain, there could be problems.

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News You Need On The Go