Rihanna To Co-Host Fenty Social Club Party On Instagram Live

(Photo: Ethan James Green)

Rihanna hosts party on Instagram Live

Singer and fashion mogul, Rihanna, just announced she will be co-hosting a party on Instagram Live for her Fenty’s first “Social Club” party. The party will feature live performances from previous Fenty collaborators.

The “Social Club” party will host DJ sets with Stretch Armstrong, DJ Pedro, and Kitty Ca$h. British rapper, Octavian, will also be performing on the Instagram Live party.

Rihanna hopes that this party will encourage people to stay in, practicing social distancing in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19). More performers and artists are using social media for performances to entertain from home and giving fans something to look forward to as most events and concerts are canceled or postponed.

Rihanna teamed up with Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey, to co-fund a $4.2 million grant for domestic violence victims in LA affected by COVID-19 with Rihanna contributing $2.1 million. Rihanna’s funds will provide 10 weeks of shelter, meals, and counseling for individuals suffering from domestic violence. This contribution is much-needed as L.A. has a mandatory shelter in place order that resulted in overwhelming numbers of people being turned away from shelters.

According to a report by The Los Angeles Housing Authority, approximately that shelters had to turn away 90 people per week because of capacity issues and more people turning to shelters. The $4.2 million grant covers food and housing for 90 applicants per week, with an additional 90 people every week after 10 weeks.

The party starts at 6 p.m. EST/3 p.m. PST and you can get your e-vite here.

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Rihanna To Co-Host Fenty Social Club Party On Instagram Live