World Health Day Celebrates Nurses And Midwives For 2020

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Celebrating nurses and midwives around the world

April 7 marks World Health Day to celebrate health care workers around the world and for 2020 this celebration is focusing on nurses and midwives. The organizer of this annual holiday is the World Health Organization (WHO) since 1948 with the goal of raising global awareness for health and choosing a special theme every year to celebrate an area of importance for the WHO.

Since 1950, World Health Day is held on April 7 and celebrating health care workers is much-needed with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic requiring unprecedented medical attention. The WHO also uses this day to launch a health program to provide resources to certain health fields that need resources beyond April 7.

For 2020, the WHO wanted to celebrate and admire the unsung heroes of the medical field, nurses and midwives. The WHO wanted to give thanks to nurses who play an important role in response to the COVID-19 pandemic providing quality treatment and care during this daunting time.

The WHO also said that without nurses addressing fears of patients and collecting data for clinical studies, the response to the pandemic would not have been possible. The WHO also released a report of a study ‘State of the World’s Nursing Report – 2020‘ highlighting the important work of nurses worldwide in response to COVID-19.

The report shows that 70 percent of the social and health workforce is comprised of women with a majority of them being nurses and midwives. The report goes onto encourage the investment towards nursing education and jobs, advocating that nurses and midwives should receive the recognition and pay for the quality of service provided.

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