With More People At Home, Nature Is Thriving

Credit: Unsplash

Animals aren’t under the “stay-at-home” order

There is a lot of bad news surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there is some good news when it comes to nature. Wild animals are thriving due to more people staying at home, reclaiming their surrounding less-populated environments.

There is more wildlife returning to areas that they once considered home before development and welcoming more wildlife to return. With more people online from home, more are celebrating the return of wildlife through videos and photos on social media.

In Llandudno, Wales residents have posted videos of Great Orme goats that wandered into town from their rural pasture. Another post shows a flock of sheep visiting an empty McDonald’s in Wales.

Since the closure of the Yosemite National Park, park rangers are happy to report there are more bear sightings with the bears using their main paths more than they used to.

The Ocean Park Zoo in Hong Kong is celebrating the consumption of their giant panda bears, Ying Ying and Le Le. If everything else goes according to plans, we might be welcoming more panda bears into the world.

On the abandoned white sand beached of Corsica, France local cows traveled to the beach for a cool dip. You’ve seen the swimming pigs, but have you seen the sun-bathing cows?

On Easter Sunday, a video from Venice, Italy emerged of a jellyfish in the Venice canals that is considered rare because of the constant travel on the canals.

Keep your eyes on social media for the next wildlife viral video star.

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With More People At Home, Nature Is Thriving