Michelle Obama “Becoming” Documentary Will Be On Netflix Soon

Credit: Unsplash

Travel with Michelle Obama on her ‘Becoming’ book tour

The former first lady and total boss babe, Michelle Obama, is working closely with Netflix to release her “Becoming” documentary and will be available to watch soon. The documentary follows the inspiring journey with Michelle Obama during her 30-city book tour for her best-seller ‘Becoming.’

Michelle spent multiple months away from home, connecting and meeting with people in all the cities she visited during her book tour. Michelle hopes this documentary can bring a glimmer of positivity and hope during this difficult time surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Michelle’s book ‘Becoming’ is her 2018 memoir documenting Michelle’s life from childhood to her time in the White House. This documentary is apart of a collection of joint-productions with Netflix and Obama’s production company.

The first joint-production was “American Factory” documenting a Chinese billionaire who opens a glass factory in the former General Motors plant in Ohio, winning an Oscar Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. “Becoming” will be available to watch on Wednesday, May 6 on Netflix.

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Michelle Obama “Becoming” Documentary Will Be On Netflix Soon