Apps To Help Parenting, Teaching, And Working From Home

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Fun family-friendly apps

More parents are sheltering in place and practicing social distancing, spending more time at home with the kids while juggling working, parenting, and teaching from school. We recommend a couple of apps that can help you monitor your kid’s online activity and balance your daily routine.

Many kids want to start exploring social media but should be monitored heavily to prevent your kids from accessing graphic content. Facebook offers Messenger Kids that is connected through the parent’s Facebook account and is a separate platform from Facebook. Everything is controlled by parents including which friends they can access and video chat with.

Epic is a simple app that gives access to thousands of books for a fun twist on storytime for all ages. Epic is offering a free 30-day trial in response to school closures.

Caribu is like a kid-friendly version of Zoom, where kids can video chat and have a virtual playdate with friends with fun interactive activities. AT&T is funding 60 days of unlimited, free access to the app for the whole family.

Prodigy Math is a fun interactive app targeting students from first to eighth grade through challenging courses that record feedback in real-time. Prodigy is offering the app currently for free and offers premium upgrades.

Go Noodle provides a fun alternative to physical education, offering a library of physical activities that is fun for the kids. This app is a great alternative to videos games that the kids are sure to have fun with.

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Apps To Help Parenting, Teaching, And Working From Home