Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas

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Give your partner a meaningful and long-lasting gift and pour your green heart in it!

Though we should forget everything and focus on romance solely, that’s not what Valentine’s Day in 2020 should be all about. If you and your partner are living the good, green life, your Valentine’s should reflect that. Here’s a list of gift ideas that will show that you care both for your partner and the environment.

Flowers are a classic, but after a few days, they disappear. If your partner isn’t a great gardener, there are modern technologies, with self-watering plants. Not only can they grow flowers, but you can also enjoy homegrown veggies or fruits. But if you can’t afford one of these devices, buying a flower in a clay pot is an ideal replacement for a bouquet of roses. Living plants will benefit any room and can last much longer.

Forget polyester teddy bears, and go straight for something useful. Organic and homemade soaps, perfumes, essential oils will say that you only want the best for your partner. Buying homemade supports small businesses and promotes healthy living, without toxins which are harmful to your partner and the planet. Make sure that the package is made from recycled paper and forget plastic bottles.

The gift of relaxation is priceless. Book a massage for two and spend an hour or two by getting a professional massage, which will show that you care about your partner’s wellbeing. Later, you can go home for a nice, prepared meal, or go out to your favorite restaurant.

Show them that you’re green at heart with a pajama set or bathrobe made from organic cotton. It may not be the sexiest choice, but it’s practical and trust us: natural fabrics are better for skin, much more comfortable, and a set of cute PJs will last longer than a polyester pair of panties.

Supporting local artists who are invested in saving what’s left of the planet is essential. They make jewelry, art pieces, home decorations, and the prices are budget-friendly. If you can’t find artists in your place, try Etsy. But before, check out the local scene, you’ll be surprised.

Yes, it’s possible to buy an acre of rainforest. This gift is expensive; we’re not going to lie. Funding an entire acre of rainforest in your beloved’s name is a grand gesture no amount of diamonds can beat. Conflict-free diamonds or gemstones are not easy; besides, the rainforest is a much more original idea!

Investing in your partner and yourself goes beyond Valentine’s Day. Get into culinary classes, or make pottery together. Find a hobby which will relax you and create a healthy competitive atmosphere every week. You’ll learn new skills and get to tease each other.

Finally, the ultimate gift you can get isn’t quite as easy to maintain as the others. In fact, this gift will cause a mess, but you’ll both fall in love with it in no time. We’re talking about adopting an animal. If you already talked about it, use Valentine’s Day as an ultimate celebration of love by giving love to a poor, shelter animal.


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Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas