Judith Boyd Lives Her Granfluencer Dreams at 76

(Photo Source 303magazine.com)

She calls herself the “Style Crone”

Fashion these days is all about inclusivity. Fashion for all regardless of body type, skin color, style, or even gender. And now, inclusivity is making its way into age as well.

They say you are never too old to live your dream and Judith Boyd is doing just that, as an older-aged model. At the unripe age of 76, Judith is making a huge splash in the fashion world and has even taken on the title of granfluencer of New York Fashion Week. With over 50,000 followers on Instagram, she’s the self-proclaimed “Style Crone” and has had the privilege of walking the catwalk at New York Fashion Week for a Denver-based fashion designer.

Judith uses her role as a granfluencer to promote age inclusivity in fashion. “Ageism divides the generations, which is bad for both younger and older people, and I think, as a mature woman, it’s never been more important to be out there and visible and talking to people of all ages, which is what I do,” stated Judith in a recent interview. The simple goal is to celebrate and promote the strength and beauty of older women.

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Judith Boyd Lives Her Granfluencer Dreams at 76