The Top Happiest Countries In The World

Come on get happy

Happiness is something that isn’t easy to find. Based on research done by the Happiness Research Institute global happiness is on a decline. However, the citizens of these countries tend to be some of the happiest people in the world.

Coming in the top spot for another year in a row is Finland. According to the happiness report, the generosity of the citizens, the corruption-free and great GDP make this place an all-time favorite for its people. Denmark wasn’t far behind, coming in as the second happiest country.

This could partly be due to the Hygge effect. With excellent life expectancy and one of the smallest wealth gaps in the world, it’s no wonder why people are living their best life.

Not as high on the list as Finland and Denmark, but Switzerland is number six on the happiest country list. A top vacation destination, this country offers more than just stunning landscapes for its citizens. A thriving economy, good life expectancy, and tax breaks that even the wealthiest of people couldn’t argue about.

Some of the nicest people in the world live in Canada and according to the happiness report so do some of the happiest. The northern country dropped two spots in the list, going from number seven to nine, but with great life expectancy and a small population, we see why it still made the list.

While there are happy countries thriving in the world, there are other countries that aren’t. Venezuela, Syria, and India all had the biggest drops from the happy country list.

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The Top Happiest Countries In The World