Celebrating World Theatre Day From Historical Theatres Around The World

Credit: Unsplash

Happy World Theatre Day!

Today is a day of celebrating the arts through World Theatre Day and all the historical theatres around the world. We take you a tour of renowned theatres around the world.

The theatre of Aspendos, located in Turkey, was constructed during the reign of Marcus Aurelius by an architect known as Zeno. Aspendos is one of the best-preserved and most impressive ancient theatres known in the Roman world, holding a capacity of over 12,000 people.

Another ancient theatre that is still standing is the Greek Theatre of Epidaurus in Greece and is one of the best-preserved theatres of its time. The venue is beautiful with perfect symmetry making for the best acoustics for singing, music, dramatic performances, and served as a place of worship of Asclepius.

The Theatre of Petra is located in Jordan was carved out of a mountainside consisting of three horizontal sections of seats separated by corridors that can seat up to 8,500 people. Petra was initially carved by the Nabataeans and was later altered to be enlarged by the Romans.

The North Theatre of Gerasa (Jerash) is located in Jordon, for the original purpose of a Bouleuterion as a meeting place for council during the reign of Trajan or Hadrian. The Odeon (theatre) was transformed in AD 165 to increase the capacity size for 2,000 people.

On the Upper Acropolis of Pergamon is the Hellenistic theatre in Turkey was built in the late 3rd century BC and is the steepest theatre in the ancient world. This ancient theatre features 78 rows of seats in three horizontal sections that can fit 10,000 people.

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