Couple Donates Their Wedding Feast To Healthcare Workers

(Photo: SWNS)

UK couple gives back to healthcare workers

Fiona and Adam Gordon were forced to cancel their wedding two days before their planned ceremony due to the coronavirus but they took this as a chance to give back to their community. For their wedding reception, they planned on having a huge hog roast but decided to donate to their local National Health Service staff to thank them for their hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Gordon couple held their wedding ceremony last Saturday but was prohibited from having a reception, leaving the couple with enough food for 400 people. The catering ceremony they hired for the reception, Galloping Gourment, donated the food to the Hull4Heros charity that gave away the food at two local hospitals for two days.

The bride, Fiona Gordon, explained that she planned her wedding for a year and when the venue pulled out of hosting the event last minute and the catering company still produced all the food. Fiona goes onto say they had enough food for 120 guests with a hog roast, roast beef dinner, and canapés that the bride didn’t want to go to waste.

The owner of the Galloping Gourmet catering company, Tony Morris, is a Hull4Heros volunteer and a Royal Navy veteran gave a great idea to donate the rest of the food from the reception to people in need. The couple paid £250 ($295 USD) for their deposit and the charity paid for the remaining bill of £2,500 ($2,954 USD) so the couple will have the credit with the catering company for when they’re able to have their reception in the future.

The founder of the Hull4Heros charity, Paul Matson, served the food for two days at the Castle Hill Hospital and Hull Royal Infirmary where NHS workers thanked the much-needed meal break.

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