Travel The World Without Worrying About Jet Lag

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Forget about jet lag and focus on enjoying your vacation

Being a jet setter is fun but the jet lag can leave you feeling like a ho-hummer. There are some common remedies to get over jet lag but require getting a lot of sleep, missing some valuable time on your trip. We give you some tips to beat jet lag without compromising your travel schedule according to sleep expert from the University of Oxford, Dr. Colin Espie.

The key to beating jet lag is to start a couple of days before your flight. If you’re traveling East set your alarm clock time to wake up an hour earlier each day and if you’re traveling West do the opposite, setting your alarm an hour later each day.

Another recommendation is to shift your meals and bedtime an hour later each day before you fly. When you land in your destination do your best to stay awake during the day and only try to sleep when its dark outside. Dr. Neil Kline of the American Sleep Association says that you need to reduce as many external stimuli as possible, stressing the importance of using earbuds and an eye mask. If you need help feeling tired or falling asleep, you can take some melatonin.

Maintaining a balanced diet of healthy fats, amino proteins, and complex carbs help maintain regular sleep patterns that ultimately helps to prevent jet lag. You might think a nightcap would be good to help you sleep but it turns out that alcohol is actually a stimulant.

Alcohol might help make you tired but will lower the quality of sleep, instead try to drink something that will help calm your body and mind like chamomile or mint tea. Another option is to each natural healthy foods with melatonin like cherries. Dehydration worsens the effects of jet lag so make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Jet lag can affect your circadian rhythm so it’s important to expose yourself to daylight as soon as you land as sunlight or bright light help you to accommodate faster to the new time zone. So the next time you’re worried about getting jet lag on an upcoming trip, just remember these tips for a better trip.

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Travel The World Without Worrying About Jet Lag