Busy Beauty COO Says Dry Products Help More People Keep Up Thier Beauty Routine On The Go

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The perfect beauty products for on-the-go and traveling

The beauty brand, Busy Beauty, manufacturers of dry beauty products have in a way saved the time women spend on priming and all that through their products.

Jamie Steenbakkers, the Co-founder said that they have developed a full line of products that would let women completely skip the shower if they don’t want it, don’t feel like it, or they don’t just have the time. Busy Beauty COO is manufacturers of shower-less body wipes, dry shampoo, dry conditioners, and even body wipes.

“We started off with our shower-less shave gel and that’s when we realized that Millenials don’t want to waste hours of time every day, and we kind of discovered that there’s the big trend going on inside the personal care industry that’s shifting towards dry products,” Steenbakkers said.

The company which was founded in May 2017 has been able to raise $500,000 for the second round of funding and producing. It is true that Millennials don’t want to spend much time in the bathroom.

However, nothing can replace a good bath. Be it body wash or any other dry innovation. The benefits of having your bath, an actual bath is endless.

Do you know having your bath improves muscle flexibility and elasticity and it also improves blood circulation and helps in the proper distribution of nutrition throughout your body? In fact, regular bathing improves the vascular and lymphatic system and can help to improve the immunity of your body.

You’ll also be a better position to manage your blood level when you shower regularly. Dry products are good but they should not be used all the time.

They shouldn’t become a necessity. Make them an option, not a necessity. We should learn to make out time for things that are really important.

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Busy Beauty COO Says Dry Products Help More People Keep Up Thier Beauty Routine On The Go