5 Podcasts That Will Brighten Up Your Days

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From mindfulness to TED talks.

Deadlines are piling up, and it feels like years since you’ve had a vacation. You feel that you need to slow down and take a breath. You desperately need some “me” time, but the best you can do is read a book on your way to work or maybe try a podcast. Here are some of our favorites which will help you stay motivated and focused.

The Mindful Podcast teaches you how to be in the moment while practicing mindfulness. Becoming aware of your surroundings without feeling overwhelmed is the road to a happier life. The episodes are relatively short, including either mindfulness or five-minute practices on feeling grateful or kicking the bad habits. Some longer episodes take place live with the experts from the field.

Podcasts are not reserved only for mindful meditation. Untangle focuses on ordinary people who have used meditation to improve their lives, as well as experts who want to help others discover and practice meditation.
This podcast also talks about eating and other habits and how to make the most of them. An example is mindful eating versus mindless eating.

Are you a fan of TED Talk? We are, and TED Radio Hour is a way to experience some of the best conversations in one place. Each episode focuses on different topics, from money and medicine, to beauty and similar issues. The discussions are followed by interviews and talk segments from the compelling TED conferences that happen around the world.

Soul Music is a music-oriented podcast from BBC Radio 4. Each episode examines one song and what it means to different people. It looks at the intense, emotional impact music has on people. It is a very supportive listening for everyone passionate about pop and rock music.

Do you know about tapping? If not, it’s an ancient healing method based on Chinese acupuncture and modern psychology. It involves tapping on specific points of the face and body to calm the nervous system and reestablish energy. The Tapping Solution podcast is another successful project from Nick Ortner. He’s an author and one of the people responsible for tapping’s success. Try using tapping for health issues, or to release negative energy.

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5 Podcasts That Will Brighten Up Your Days