Outstanding Color Combinations For Memorable Outfits!


Some unexpected colors are going to make every winter day look like spring!

When it comes to creating a polished, well-assembled outfit, people tend to stick to their comfort zones. That’s fine, but it’s not fun. Every fashionista knows that you can’t look effortlessly cool unless you are having some fun with your wardrobe. Clashing fabrics are ideal for those who tend to wear neutrals. However, if you love to bring out some colors, let them collide and create beautiful, rich, and unexpected outfits.

Barbie pink or fuchsia look amazing with classy, timeless beige pieces. Refresh your trench with a pair of pink trousers or even just a scarf. Beige, tan, and all similar shades can look a bit dull, so give them a splash of girly, playful fuchsia to make your outfit stand out.

In a major throwback to the 80s and early 90s, as well as the late 2000s, we are going to pair purple and green. Tender lavender or deep purple tones combined with emerald and grass green are a modern classic. These colors are always trending, and we are sure that you already have the pieces somewhere in your closet. The question is: will you be bold enough to pair them and create your own #OOTD?

Pastel, light yellow, doesn’t sound like much fun. Yet, with deep teal, you’ll get an expensive-looking and chic outfit. Playing with cold and warm tones is always trending, and you can even add orange details to make the outfit more spring welcoming.

Speaking of orange, pair it with Pantone’s classic blue, color of the year. With brown shoes and a bag, you’ll be challenging the Parisian chic. Remember, you don’t have to buy new clothes, swap them with your friends and check out what you already own. It’s almost spring cleaning time, so who knows what kinds of hidden treasure you bought over the years.

Now, our last one is an homage to Versace’s golden days. It’s the perfect combo of red hot and ice-cold: yes, it is classic red plus pale, cool blue. This 90s inspired color combination is an ideal excuse to wear your favorite red lipstick and get some light blue on your eyelids. A bluish turtleneck sweater with a red slip skirt is the epitome of chic. Similarly, you can wear your little red dress with a blue cardigan or teddy coat, to recreate someone of the most memorable moments in modern fashion history.

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Outstanding Color Combinations For Memorable Outfits!