How A Design Is Brought To Life For The Runway


Have you ever looked at a piece of clothing and think about the time-consuming process of how it was created? Well, we take you on a journey through a thousand threads from the design process to creating the garment you’ll see on the runway.

Every garment starts their humble beginnings with a sheet of paper and a pencil starting with a sketch. Through the sketching process, the designer thinks about the backstory or theme of the collection while considering the type of person they’re designed for.

Some designers start with simple shapes and form designs from there to emulate a certain vision that the design will create. The next step from sketching is to start with creating patterns for the garments.

Designers often design styles around certain material or fabric that will be consistent with the whole collection, often incorporating the material for several items. Creating the pattern will bring sketches to life that designers can use to form the desired shapes for garments.

Once the patterns are drawn and cut with the fabric, then it is onto the stitching phase. The final details of the original idea come together during this phase, adding the unique elements to make for a unique garment.

When the garments are complete there will be several conceptual meetings to see what they can possibly change to improve the quality of the garment while considering the order of the pieces presented during the runway show. The garments then make their debut on the runway, ready to present to the world to be worn by customers.

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How A Design Is Brought To Life For The Runway