Designer Kim Winser Promotes Sustainable Style With Recycled Cashmere


Recycled cashmere is the new black

The fashion industry is focusing on the future of being a more eco-friendly industry, leading to more innovations in reducing waste when possible. Designer Kim Winser is utilizing recycled cashmere to create a fashionable poncho.

The direct-to-consumer brand founded by Winser, Winser London, introduced recycled cashmere in their collection with a long, slim poncho in a neutral nude color that’s great for any occasion. The material for the poncho is collected and divided by color in Italy from old sweaters and cashmere pieces then cut into smaller pieces and combed back into fibers before the fibers are spun into new knits.

Wisner London offers silk and merino wool classic separates while the recycled material supports a circular economy and sustainability in the fashion industry. This brand encourages customers to think in terms of quality, not quantity through “slow fashion” practices, going against fast-fashion practices.

This company also strives on bringing the production side of their business to their local community with styles designed and sewn in London, sourcing from British wool-blend tweed. Other brands are working to include recycled cashmere into their designs including Pringle of Scotland and Stella McCartney.

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Designer Kim Winser Promotes Sustainable Style With Recycled Cashmere