In Demand: Florence Pugh

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Meet the young actress nominated for her first Oscar.

Florence Pugh is only 24, but she’s already one of the most respected actresses on both sides of the Atlantic. The English star played Amy March in Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of novel Little Women, and many critics agree: her acting made a movie a massive success. Her distinctive talent, husky voice, and strong personality gave her star power from the very first role, in The Falling. Ever since, this young lady is enjoying successes, awards, and admirations from fans, critics, and coworkers.

While we are eagerly waiting for the biggest night in the film industry, Florence is finishing her upcoming Marvel movie, Black Widow, and enjoying the good life with a partner, Zach Braff. Despite the age gap, the couple has been going strong for almost a year now. They have yet to make a public appearance together on a red carpet.

Pugh’s childhood dream came true when she was a teen, and eventually, she left high school to pursue her acting. She’s already the Queen of accents, which is something she started doing while working on school plays. Though many consider 2019 to be her breakthrough year, Florence Pugh made only seven movies so far, and each one got admiration and praise.

Little Women formed sisterhood, so Florence Pugh and onscreen sisters, Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, and Eliza Scanlen, are the biggest support to each other. The actresses call themselves a girl gang, and what we saw in the movies wasn’t all made up. As Florence explained: “You cannot fake all those emotions.”

On her road to superstardom, Florence talked about the struggles of becoming a woman before she “was mentally ready or prepared to be one.” Being a big star doesn’t come easy for someone so young, yet Miss Pugh is strangely, refreshingly, secure. While she hates watching herself on screen, she doesn’t care what people think about her body or hairstyles. She’s as relaxed and unique as one can be in the spotlight.

Playing the spy in BBC’s Little Drummer Girl and a Victorian governess in Lady Macbeth, which earned her a BAFTA Rising Star nomination, gave Florence a push, and a validation every young artist seeks. Working with strong women, and having a close family is the secret behind the success of the newest Hollywood’s superstar. However, unlike some big acting names, Pugh doesn’t buy the popularity thing completely. She lives in London and enjoys a healthy dose of privacy while sharing the most ridiculous and hilarious stories about her life on Instagram. Even if Florence doesn’t get an Oscar, she already won the hearts of millions, and we are yet to see her acting star shine!

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In Demand: Florence Pugh