Anna Wintour On Fashion, Jet Lag, And Flip-Flops

(Photo Source: WSJ)

Editor in chief of Vogue gives you the skinny on fashion staples

Anna Wintour often referred to as the Queen of Fashion, has some unique insights on fashion, life, and flip-flops.

One of the big questions she was asked was about pop stars getting into the fashion industry. As you may know, Rihanna has been very involved in the beauty and fashion world, releasing her own line of beauty products and clothing through the brand Fendi. Rihanna has one of those styles that appeals to everyone and any moment in time for all occasions.

“One might be surprised how simple it is. She’s not looking to be the trend of the month. She’s looking for clothes that have a life that you can wear again and again,” remarked Anna Wintour.

Another topic of interest was how the fashion designer and chief editor for Vogue magazine stays so fashionable and how she decides on an outfit in the morning. The answer? She simply goes to her closet and chooses from one of the many print dresses that she owns, taking all of the guesswork and stress of choosing the perfect outfit.

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Anna Wintour On Fashion, Jet Lag, And Flip-Flops