We Found the Perfect Gifts for Vegans

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The best vegan cookbooks for impressive, outrageously tasty cuisines.

Vegan food “as it should be” can be experienced in many great restaurants. Designing menus, researching foods, developing food concepts, collaborating with renowned chefs and food stylists are big business, but just like the rest of the world, vegans want to have their go-to meals to prepare at home. A great cookbook will open up the door to the world of plant-based nutrition.

Delicious, balanced, visually attractive: we managed to find cookbooks you or your vegan friends will adore. Rich in flavors and colors, these dishes will appeal to vegans and non-vegans, so let’s start playing with herbal recipes from our top vegan cookbooks.

Bosh! is the fastest-selling cookbook with over 140 receipts. Its popularity created a series about vegan lifestyle and kitchen, and the authors, Henry Firth and Ian Theasby, are known as “The vegan Jamie Olivers.” The recipes are delicious, fast, and easy to make. These meals are also ideal for those who just entered the no-meat, no-dairy territory. Outrageously tasty, all plant meals include breakfast ideas, party dishes, and cookies. This year’s book, titled Bish Bash Bosh!, has been among the most popular cookbooks, and it features 120 updated recipes.

The First Mess is anything but messy. It’s more than a cookbook for vegans, it’s a book that will teach you how to style your food and make it more attractive. It features over 125 beautifully prepared seasonal whole-food recipes. The author is a real foodie and an award-winning blogger, Laura Wright. What makes this book so special is that meals are divided by seasons, so it’s pretty clear that the Christmas/holiday menu a special menu. If you are lucky, your vegan friends may invite you to get the taste of the good, vegan life.

When food meets art, we get PLANTLAB by vegan chef Matthew Kenney. Some say the author is a pioneer in raw and vegan cuisine. Matthew Kenney created creative dishes that are true visual masterpieces through creative thinking and innovative techniques. Inspired by the experimental kitchen, PLANTLAB helps to redefine plant-based nutrition and refine skills in creating beautifully prepared, delicious vegan food in your kitchen. With over 100 recipes and a modern and creative approach, it allows you progress rapidly. As recipes get more advanced, so do your techniques – you will eventually ferment like a pro! Kenney also explores the lifestyle elements that accompany plant-based nutrition, expanding the science behind food, and explaining cutting-edge nutrition technology and innovative techniques.

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We Found the Perfect Gifts for Vegans