Sandbox – The Reality of Living as a Digital Nomad

It sounds like a fairy tale life, but is it your fairy tale?

Digital nomads work remotely from coffee shops, hubs, bus stations, any place with secure Wi-Fi. Not all remote workers are digital nomads since the nomads are getting their work done while traveling the world and experiencing a different, adventures life. It’s a lifestyle, and that’s why you need to have a serious talk with yourself before you start your remote adventure.

To start working as a digital nomad, you need a remote job and some money. Finding a job is relatively easy, considering the internet allows you to go to meetings online and be part of a team without ever being face to face with your coworkers. But travel is what makes a digital nomad, and that part is both risky and astounding.

When it comes to choosing a job, content creators, marketing managers, designers, virtual assistants, travel agents, or nutritionists are just the tip of the jobs in demand. Any job you do as a freelancer can be part of your digital traveling experience. The list is getting longer since we are getting to that place where offices, as we knew them, are becoming obsolete.

The fantastic thing about this lifestyle is that you’re a citizen of the world. You are the one who makes decisions regarding their working hours, but also, you’re making all the arrangements for your traveling. Digital nomads on Instagram and in real life are two different things. You won’t get to stay in the world’s best resorts or spend 365 days a year on sandy beaches; there’s no glamour in living as a nomad. It’s a life for free-spirited, open-minded people, who have the power to be on their own and not get lonely. Many couples decide to share their responsibilities while exploring various destinations, and even though they are not alone, it’s hard to be with the same person all the time, without having a real connection with other people.

It’s not about finding a job or saving money; it’s about waking up in different cities, learning new cultures, and really, being good at small talk. Getting to meet the locals and their customs is an incredible feeling, but it requires strong social skills.

Still undecided? Give yourself a trial run. Set a goal to spend a limited time living as a nomad with a Wi-Fi. See what happens, how you feel. Some will get home and continue with their lives. Others will sell their homes and other possessions and move on to different locations.

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Sandbox – The Reality of Living as a Digital Nomad