Have A Free Fun Weekend With You Kids Without

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Have fun without fussing over money

You’re not the only one excited for the weekend to come, you’re kids are excited to spend some time with their parents and friends. You might be worried about spending too much for a fun time with your kid, but they’re a couple of ways to have fun with your kids this weekend without having to worry about your wallet.

Family Yard Sale
This activity can make you some money on top of saving your money while teaching your kids the value of a dollar. Doing a yard sale with your kids can give you an extra pair of hands to help while you get to clean out your closet.

Try Geocaching
Much like the popular game, PokemonGo, geocaching is like a scavenger hunt through your local community to find a GPS receiver to hide and seek containers. When you find a geocache you can leave something special behind in the container and you can see what other people have left behind.

Free Concert In The Park
You don’t have to step outside your community for a good time with the kids. Most local parks hold free events including concerts which a good time to meet up with your friends while entertaining the kids.

Free Classes At Home Depot or Lowe’s
This is a great option that is sure to entertain the kids while teaching them the basic lessons in building and making things. They host the free lessons usually on Saturday but they don’t just offer free activities for kids, also offering free lessons for adults as well. All you have to do is register with your name and e-mail on their website for the specific class you want to attend.

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Have A Free Fun Weekend With You Kids Without