The Stretch Mark Oil That Has 1,000 People On A Waitlist

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We give you the skinny on the best beauty product for stretch marks

If your body has been riddled with stretch marks with no solution to get rid of them there is an oil that’s just for you. The only issue is there are currently 1,000 people ahead of you on the waitlist.

Maternity brand HATCH’s Belly Oil is so popular even Khloé Kardashian has tried to get her hands on it. Luckily, for her she has the celeb status to easily have gotten her hands on a bottle after it sold out immediately after launching.

The 1,000 people on the waitlist weren’t so lucky, but that’s all about to change because this highly-demanded oil is now back in stock and available in a mini size.

The Meghan Markle-loved brand created its cult-favorite stretch mark oil for use during pregnancy, so its ingredient list is all natural. But fans of the product are not limited to expecting moms — pregnant and non-pregnant women are using it on their bellies, thighs, hips, and butts to smooth out the appearance of stretch marks.

Belly Oil contains soothing calendula, vitamin E-rich sweet almond, and antioxidant grapefruit peel oil, among other strong-yet-gentle ingredients. Hatch describes the product as a “dry oil.” Which means it’s applied like an oil but quickly absorbs, leaving behind a velvet-like texture so you can immediately put clothes over.

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The Stretch Mark Oil That Has 1,000 People On A Waitlist