New Sustainable Solution For Leather Made From Mangoes

(Photo Credit: Supplied/Luxtra)

Luxtra unveils new innovation with mango leather

The sustainable brand from London, Luxtra, teamed up with the creative minds from the Dutch company, FruitLeather Rotterdam, to create a new alternative to leather using mangoes. Luxtra reached out to the founders of FruitLeather Rotterdam, Koen Meerkerk and Hugo De Boon, to create a new alternative leather material from leftover mangoes sourced from fruit markets.

Meerkerk and De Boon came up with the concept for FruitLeather Rotterdam as a school assignment while they attended Willem de Kooning Academy, drawing inspiration from the food waste generated on campus. The process to create the mango leather in Rotterdam by boiling and mashing leftover mangoes to eliminate bacteria, then the remaining pulp is spread to dry that creates sheets of durable material.

Luxtra is known for being one of the first brands to utilize a vegan pineapple-based leather known as Piñatex and an apple-based leather called Frumat. The manufacturing process for this vegan leather is less harmful to the environment as well as animals with more brands committing to using more sustainable options for materials.

Luxtra’s new range of mango leather will feature handbags starting in late March.

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