Maggie Rogers Shares Her Fashion Icons

(Photo Credit: Christelle de Castro)

Her sense of style is unique, just like her music

You may know Maggie Rogers for her success releasing her song “Alaska” on YouTube, leading to music icon Pharrel discovering her and the rest is history. She has become wildly popular since coming into the pop culture music scene, for everything from her soothing, folky voice to her perfect hippie look.

She is often seen with long, flowing locks and a vintage ensemble that appears to be perfectly curated for her. This is intentional, as Maggie seems to love the soul of vintage clothing while also monitoring her eco-footprint. And while it seems the public has formed a ’70s vibe around her overall aesthetic, Maggie doesn’t feel that her look is what everyone seems to believe. It is constantly evolving, though she has noted that right now, she feels it’s a mix of “space cowgirl” and “a San Francisco art teacher.”

As far as her icons go? Maggie’s fashion tends to pull from her love for Patti Smith, Björk, and Chloë Sevigny due to their love of breaking the rules.

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Maggie Rogers Shares Her Fashion Icons