Easy Tips And Tricks For Flawless Makeup

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Makeup and beauty tips for a flawless finished application

Pulling off a flawless makeup application may seem impossible and learning application techniques can be overcomplicated. You don’t have to be a beauty guru to pull off a flawless makeup application with these tips and tricks.

Color Correction
Color correction concealer may seem confusing but this is great for concealing pigmentation issues or blemishes. All you need to know is how to use the colors to fix certain issues.

Pink – Brightens dullness and dark spots for people with light skin colors.
Peach – Corrects the color of dark circles on light skin.
Orange – Correct the color of dark circles for medium/dark skin.
Yellow – Cancels purple tones and calms mild redness.
Green – Cancels redness, good for acne blemishes.
Purple – Neutralizes dull yellow undertones on light skin.

Scotch Tape
Whether you’re doing a smokey eye or cat eye, scotch tape is a simple solution for a clean application. Using scotch tape on the skin that isn’t harmful to your skin and also catches fall out from eye shadow.

There are many ways to use vaseline for your beauty routine. You can apply vaseline with a spoolie or mascara brush to thicken and moisturize your eyebrows and eyelashes. Vaseline also makes for a great overnight treatment for your lips, just apply some before going to be for moisturize your lips. It’s also great for applying glitter and makes a great primer for eyeshadow.

Fixing Clumpy Mascara
No one wants clumpy mascara but when you start running out of mascara it can get pretty clumpy. A quick fix for this problem is as simple as a glass of hot water, the heat will help to liquefy the mascara and say goodbye to clumps.

The Proper Way To Wipe Off Mascara Mistakes
When you make a mistake with mascara the first instinct is to wipe it off as soon as possible but the mascara starts to smear making matters worse. The best way to remove mascara mistakes is to let it dry for several minutes, once dry you can just swipe it off without smearing it everywhere.

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Easy Tips And Tricks For Flawless Makeup