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The non-profit think tank, Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), planned on hosting a conference to promote an open discussion about the coronavirus. The conference has been canceled due to concerns about holding the conference could be further spreading the disease.

The threat of spreading the coronavirus CFR has canceled all their in-person meetings around the U.S. until April 3. On their website, they disclosed, “There are currently no upcoming events. Please check back soon for new events.”

This event is among many upcoming events that are canceled or delayed in New York because of the threat of further spreading the coronavirus. Another major event, New York International Auto Show, was supposed to happen in April but has been delayed until August.

CBS News reports that New York currently has at least 173 confirmed coronavirus cases. New York has also canceled the St.Patrick’s Day parade in Manhattan and closed several schools. For more on the latest news and updates, check out the video above.

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