Exploring The Benefits Of The Mediterranean Diet

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The diet trend that is here to stay

The Mediterranean diet may seem like a trend but is here to stay, with a variety of positive health benefits. After reading all the amazing health benefits, you might consider switching up your diet.

The Mediterranean diet is based on the dietary traditions of countries that show low rates of chronic disease and higher than average life expectancy including southern Italy, Crete, and Greece. This diet also focuses on changing eating patterns with a diet that is high in seeds, vegetables, nuts, fruits, olive oil, whole grains, seafood, and beans.

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The Mediterranean diet cuts back on eating red meat, sugar-sweetened beverages, highly processed meat, and refined grains and oats. The science behind the Mediterranean diet will surely convince you to give this diet a try.

Studies show that the Mediterranean diet can improve “cardiodiabesity” including obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Another benefit of the Mediterranean diet is that you have a variety of food groups without having to completely cut out certain food groups.

The Mediterranean diet is also simple for anyone to follow with the simple focus on eating simple, fresh, whole foods that you can cook at home or order out easily. The diet options also a variety of foods to diversify your meals without having to eat the same things multiple times.

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Exploring The Benefits Of The Mediterranean Diet