Celebrate Earth Day With These Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands

(Photo: Lush)

The beauty of Earth Day

Happy Earth Day 50! One of the best ways to thank mother Earth is to change daily activities to help reduce your carbon footprint, including products that are eco-friendly. Going eco-friendly through your beauty products helps the planet with the added benefit of treating yourself.

Lush Cosmetics offers a variety of cruelty-free, vegan, and fair practices beauty products including some package-free options. Lush has a page with their “naked” products that are made of natural ingredients without packaging including massage lotion bars, bubble bars, henna hair dyes, shampoo bars, and solid hair conditioners.

Lush also offers reusable and recyclable packaging options to keep your products clean and fresh. Lush offers beauty products with recyclable packaging with a deposit program that can help you get discounts for your next visit.

Another growing eco-friendly beauty brand is Love Beauty and Planet offering products with natural ingredients and uses post-consumer recycled packaging for their in-shower bottle products. They offer hair and skin products with a line of fresh fragrances with ingredients that are sustainably sourced.

You can find Love Beauty and Planet in a majority of retailers including CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart. They also have a home range with laundry and cleaning products by Love Home and Planet that you can find in Target that also offers their beauty products.

The Body Shop is well-known for its sustainable and ethically sourced beauty products with a full line offering everything for hair, skin, and body care. The Body Shop also supports a variety of charities that supports the environment and communities around the world that supplies their ingredients.

The Body Shop also offers traditional products with unique properties that you’ll want to buy again. They also offer these amazing products at a good price point with frequent promotions and offers.

Have a happy Earth Day and treat yourself to some much-needed time for self-care.

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Celebrate Earth Day With These Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands